Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shocolaate: The Colombian-A Mild Cellulite Treatment

Shocolaate: The Colombian-A Mild Cellulite Treatment: "The Colombian-A Mild Cellulite Treatment The Colombian-A Mild Cellulite Treatment Ingredients Milk Chocolate Bar 1/4 Cup Fresh Grou..."

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Festival of Chocolate: True Sho-manship

The Festival of Chocolate: True Sho-manship: Have you every just walked into a place and been like, “Wow.” Where the mere essence of the atmosphere seemed to overpower your senses to th...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1 WORD: CHOCOLATE! | Palm Beach Happening

1 WORD: CHOCOLATE! | Palm Beach Happening
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1 WORD: CHOCOLATE! | Palm Beach Happening

1 WORD: CHOCOLATE! | Palm Beach Happening


Nothing’s quite as sweet as the taste of Chocolate and who better to bring it to us? None other than our locally own brilliant chocolatier –SHOCOLAATE!

Get a glimpse of what to expect from them in the article written below and be sure to check out our Palm Beach Happening TV to see what the Festival of Chocolate is all about! You won’t want to miss this sssuuhh-WEEET event!

THE EVENT: The Festival of Chocolate

THE CHOCOLATIER: Local Palm Beach Gardens Chocolatier, Shocolaate, to participate in Top Ten Chocolate Festival in USA – Nov. 19th-20th


Shocolaate, Palm Beach Gardens’ small business chocolatier will be blowing you away with a flavor buffet of their custom hand-made truffles at The Festival of Chocolate November 19th and 20th at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.


You may have already seen a glimpse of Shocolaate during David Tutera’s show My Fair Wedding, but what you may
not know is that Shocolaate is a mother/daughter business.Shocolaate is owned and operated by daughter, Cristina, who has a passion of all things chocolate and mom Diana who has expertise in design and presentation.

This amazing duo is competing for Best Truffle in Palm Beach at The Festival of Chocolate.

Cristina, who has created confections for Donald Trump, is known to be somewhat of a mad (and beautiful) scientist in the kitchen, kicking out incredible flavor profiles that certainly live up to the saying that “the best things come in small packages.” Keep an eye out for their French Toast Truffle and their Chocolate Covered Kettle Chips. This is a company on the move — be sure not to miss them OR their amazing creations.

In additional to Chocolate and Confection Companies selling tastes and treats of everything chocolate, the Festival of
Chocolate is host to interactive demonstrations by Award Winning Chefs.

A live chocolate showpiece competition gives breathtaking artistic sculptures a tasty twist. Guests can indulge in chocolate and wine tasting, whip up a batch of chocolate lip balm, take a chocolate class, walk through a Chocolate Museum, see how chocolate is made and play Brownie Bingo.
Tickets to The Festival of Chocolate are $12 for Adults and $8 for Children. All Adult Advance Purchase Tickets receive 2
complimentary Chocolate Chip Coins for Chocolate Purchases and a chance to sit on the Chocolate Judges’ Table.
Come support Palm Beach Gardens’ Shocolaate during the Sweetest Weekend in Palm Beach.
For More Information:

The Ultimate All-Chocolate Shopping, Educational and Interactive Experience for the entire family.

Aileen Mand, Producer:
(p) 407-497-1588

Palm Beach Happening

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Entertain In A Flash: The Shocolaate Quick-Save Guide

Remember when in-home entertaining involved six of your favorite plush friends adorned in large rimmed hats and giant brooches?  No one talked at once, everyone enjoyed the same flavor of tea and the only choice involved one lump or two!  Little girls were young ladies of stature as were Bearsey, Rabbit and other quad of silent, yet furry guests!  Things have changed since then and the standard in service is challenged beyond sugar cubes and fresh air tea.

Flash forward.  Do you remember the tightest spot you have ever been in when entertaining?  We're not talking about being out of one of five types of flavored sugar to sweeten tea.  We're talking about someone or a group of someones showing up to be entertained at no moments notice.  What could possibly be worse than this?  Not having the right teas and eats to entertain.

Entertain To A 'Tea'
Having a variety of tea is paramount for any successful kitchen.  The only challenge is deciding which teas to keep.  Always keep a selection of fruity, spicy, herbal and traditional blends.  Various ways to sweeten tea is also a wise investment.  Not only will your guests enjoy selecting which tea and sweetener will take them through their visit, chatting about the variety of flavors and their personal selection will also incite enjoyable interaction.  Three stars for YOU!  Everyone seems happy!

What To Serve?!?!
Oh no, what eats to serve?!?!  It is best advised to keep a selection of crispy eats that can be stored for at least 30 days.  Some may call it their emergency 'stash' while others keep it aside for the occasional 'crash' entertainment situation.  These eats range from crispy to rich and creamy in texture!

Be Prepared!
We're not suggesting you register for the draft, but we would like to encourage you to always be prepared for the entertaining unknown.  If you want to take your crash entertainment to the next level and become wildly popular with uninvited guests, keep a wide selection of Shocolaates on hand for such occasions!  Hand created, one-of-a-kind artisan pretzels, OREOS and truffles store easily in the freezer or refrigerator.  All Shocolaate eats easily transition from cool climate to sunny arrangement in a flash.  Textures and flavors remain freshly in tact for all to enjoy!

 Hostess With The Mostest
Want to be the hostess with the mostest?  As much as it seems crazy to put back the decadence of some of the richest chocolate fused with exotic spices, we recommend you keep between 4-5 boxes of eight truffles stored in the freezer for flash entertainment moments such as this.  Serving a flat or multi-tiered tray of crispy flavored cookies, Shocolaate truffles, short breads and our artisan pretzels and OREOS is entertaining in itself.  Seeing smiles across the room of those who have crashed your home when met with such a glorious selection could be as satisfying as a first kiss...really!  One of the ultimate fetes in home entertaining has been achieved with great success!

Other Things To Consider When Flash Entertaining
*Keep conversation to a premium by keeping its content to a minimum!
*Always serve with a smile!
*Always make personalized suggestions to your guests.  A savvy hostess is a cherished hostess! 
*Always guide through engagement! 

We hope you have enjoyed reading our flash entertainment guide as much as we have enjoyed creating and sharing it.  Have a sweet week!


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