Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twilight Mani-Pedi Chocolate Treatment

The Twilight treatment was inspired and fashioned after the Shocolaate Twilight truffle.  This treatment addresses the hands, feet, fingers, toes, calves and forearms.  It provides intense anti-aging (anti-oxidant), moisturizing and exfoliation/skin polishing. 


Dark chocolate (ALDI has great prices on chocolate.  Any dark chocolate can be used)

Rose oil  (NOW Foods)

Dried, crushed rose petals.  These can easily be purchased at your local florist.  Request dried flowers.  They can usually be secured at a lower price or free of charge depending on the florist. 

*In a double boiler, melt the chocolate.  After melted, pour into a separate bowl and set aside until room temperature.  Consistency must be thick, but easy to brush onto body.  Add 2 tsp rose oil and mix well.  Fold in crushed and dried rose petals.  Mix until all ingredients are consistent throughout the mixture.

*Clean your feet and blot dry with a nice warm towel. 

*Dip an application brush into the Shocolaate mixture and brush Shocolaate/rose mixture onto toes, feet and up to calves, completely. 

*Allow to dry and set for 20 minutes. 

*Apply Shocolaate/rose mixture to fingers and hands up to forearms. 

*Allow to dry and set for 20 minutes. 


(1)  Steamed towels can be placed around treated areas for 5 minutes before toweling off Shocolaate mixture.  Steamed towels may be created with damp hand towels warmed in the micro-wave for five minutes.  CAUTION:  TOWELS WILL BE VERY HOT.  Allow microwave door to stay open for about 2 minutes to take the edge off the heat.  DO NOT APPLY SCALDING HOT TOWELS TO YOUR SKIN AT ANY TIME.  -Shocolaate Team 

(2)  Treated areas may be rinsed by shower-type rinse in mani-pedi tub. 

Post-polish rub:

Place rose oil in palms of hands.  Rub between hands well to warm.  Rub warmed rose oil onto treated areas with deep pressure focusing on the nail and cuticle areas.  The rose oil is fragrant and will help skin to reach its glistening potential. 

**Special note:  If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, please do not use this treatment at any time.  If you are pregnant or lactating, please do not use this treatment.  Enjoy post-pardum!     

Have a sweet week!  


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