Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Very Pink Wedding Celebration With Shocolaate

David Tutera never ceases to amaze us with his ability to take ordinary and turn to extraordinary.  On this week's episode of My Fair Wedding, David met with a bride who has an extreme passion for pink.  There are no rose colored glasses here, Heather is a bona fide lover of the color pink...

Of course David went through the first part of the show viewing what Heather had envisioned for her dream wedding.  Naturally, he started over with everything...but the dress.  Heather had an amazing attachment to her dress.  David, cluing into her desire to keep this element, allowed her to keep the original dress.  An over joyed Heather shared her emotional thanks with David!

The reception elements of this wedding were incredibly whimsical with table centerpieces filled with candy hearts and topped with globes of pink and crimson carnations.  Hanging topiaries hung by silky ribbons from the main floral globe.  The table cloths were reminiscent of a classic PUCCI design...the light filter on the dance floor reflected the design element on the table cloths.  The details pulled everything together in a lovely way.  The final result...a dream wedding created by the master and his dream team that evoked tears from a very grateful bride and groom!      

Once again, Shocolaate was asked to be a part of the festivities.  We were both honored and amazed to be of service to David, his team, the producers and the grateful bride and groom!  This was a very unique and sweet celebration.  Featured in the clips during the show was one of our pearl and floral decorated bridal truffles from our Bridal Collection.  
A very special and sincere thank you to David Tutera, his team, the producers and of course the bride and groom for having us be a part of a life enhancing moment!  Thank you for making dreams come true...and for Shocolaate!


...thankful and grateful...

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Special Announcement

Recently, we had a beautiful opportunity grace our path.  Not only was this a beautiful opportunity, it involved one of the people we love and admire most in this world, David Tutera the party planner!  Naturally, we were very excited about the opportunity to be featured, but most of all, we were honored to be of service to David, his brilliant team, to the beautiful bride and her wedding!  To be a part of a moment so intimate is always an honor!

This particular wedding had a theme called Winter Wonderland.  David and his wedding dream team had the challenge of pulling together a custom-created celebration that fused winter wonderland, Indonesian and "ace flare" elements for Amber and Alan.  They had only three weeks to pull it off!  

Of course, David and his team pulled together a wonderful celebration fit for royalty in the three short weeks. Thank you David, your dream team, the producers and most of all the bide and groom for allowing us to be a sweet part of this celebration!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exclusively For Bridal Planners

After much thought and a desire to streamline the variety of sweet treats we create on a regular basis, we created a tool that would make selecting simpler.  This afternoon, we rolled out A Bridal Planner's Guide To Decadent And Delicious Wedding Truffles And Artisan Pretzels!  This presentation is dedicated to make selecting which Shocolaate gems will work best in your wedding!

The presentation consists of 30 slide of artisan pretzels and truffles complete with description and pricing.  We love our bridal planners and brides and wanted to make the selection process as hassle-free as possible!

Thank you to all our bridal planners and brides for your support!  We love you!


Spring Is Blossoming At Shocolaate

Spring is Blossoming at Shocolaate!  Break the dreary haze of a wintery sky with the brilliance of colored chocolate, sprinkle and other sweet gems.  Brighten your day and someone else's too!  

Bright and sunny and tasty too, this collection is certain to find favor with you! Fresh  artisan pretzels and  oreos  are sweetly dipped, then festively garnished and rolled and tipped! For the love of the event, so fun, delightful and bursting with flair, our Rainbow Collection will take you there!

5 Artisan Pretzels
5 Mini Artisan Pretzels
5 Shocolaate Crowns
5 Artisan Oreos


Have a sweet day!  


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Truffles Are Best Served...

Most anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing the chocolate truffle knows there are best ways to enjoy the decadence to it's full potential!  While some simply savour popping then into the mouth for immediate gratification, others have created a culture around the art of enjoying the chocolate truffle.  When are truffles best served?  Some would say truffles are best served when...

(1)  Opened to reveal the rich ganache inside.  If one bite is great, two bites are divine!

(2)  After dinner as a pre-course to dessert, or as an assortment for the main dessert course.

(3)  Served with wine.  Enhance the taste of your truffle when paring with the right wine!

(4)  Served with champagne.  Bubbly does make better at times!  Pair with the right champagne for the
       ultimate in truffle experiences!  Chin! Chin!  

(5)  Served with afternoon tea.  If scones or firm cake are being served, the chocolate truffle will
       brighten up tastes for everyone in service!

So where do your taste buds and olfactory go from here?  May we suggest  
Shocolaate creates the most unique artistic truffles with the freshest ingredients.  Because they are sweetened with natural ingredients, they can be enjoyed with spumante, sweet champaign, port wine and other 'vino-bubbly' flights of fancy.  Impress your favourite guests with artisan truffles from Shocolaate at your next gathering!    


Monday, February 7, 2011

Serendipity, Joy, Sweetness, Bliss in the Name of Love!

The Hallmark holiday of love is upon us.  Millions will flock to confectioneries in search of the perfect sweet that will send sensational signals through the senses.  When choosing the right chocolate pieces for someone special, sometimes more is better!  More in the world of Shocolaate translates into incredible taste partnered with beautiful and entertaining design.

  The only challenge aside from choosing which delights to take home and how many can only be which one to savour first!  May your Valentine's Day be filled with serendipity, joy, sweetness, bliss in the name of love!
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Happy Valentine's Day!


Saturday, February 5, 2011